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Well its here finally, – there has been lengthy delays from when we wanted it to go live, but its here, and better than ever!. as with anything new, there is so much testing and reading one can do, so there may be a few teething problems here and there, that we will get to notice no doubt!.

Furthermore, This new blog section is here for me to rant and twiddle about my daily things or anything I wish to talk about that’s groovy! so if your bored at work, then do stop by and comment about my rantings from time to time! : )

I wish you all an enjoyable day, and please enjoy the new website and the new BIG sale that’s about to happen.. (Check your emails)

Andy – TheAmpFactory

Many of the profiles I purchased talk about getting special access to TAF-Xchange, with a special code to enter for a special part of “the forum.” Yet I can’t find this exchange anywhere. Please advise.

Where’s all the old info for each amp profile plus the usual sound sample??
That was very useful to decide what to purchase… ;(

Try going to the amp pack you want, then press the +more info button. this will open up with a lot more info, the samples are all here, accept for pack 10, although you can listen to the demo at the top of the page.

Found it Andy!
My apologies.. I should look better.
There’s plenty of info by going to the single amps too!
BTW, when are you delivering more profiles Andy?
It’s been like a year since “The Grand Finale” and I think the last method you used for your profiling was the best in my opinion.
More hits!

Pack 10 doesn’t have the individual clips, are those to come in the future? Thanks.

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