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KEMPER PROFILES From Gentle & Subtle to hardcore & Brutal, Boutique to Monster, all in one available Pack! -  Please see  Audio sample above for a small selection of tones available.

KEMPER PROFILES For the First time we can bring you Duel Amps all in shiny package. - It has been talked about, it has been tried and tested.. now it has been perfected and profiled!.…

KEMPER PROFILES After more than a year, we are proud to be back!!...This time with a Special Rock N Blues pack. soaring lead tones to be had throughout this Gem!.

Welcome to the ELITE Selection. - this is everything we do in a nice shiny package!. - this download is permanently at 40% discount, but will not be discounted further with other discount models we…

...Best suited for Blues/ClassicRock

...Best suited for Clean/Country/Blues