DuelAMP Bundle

Gain Range:


For the First time we can bring you Duel Amps all in shiny package. – It has been talked about, it has been tried and tested.. now it has been perfected and profiled!. the wait is finally over!

What you Get..

A tried and tested mixture of sort after boutique guitar amps. – hand picked by us at TheAmpFactory for a new twist on sound. – experience the high definition tones you get from having 2 amps blended into one. – An array of different mics and setups were used to capture this. – and lots of attention to detail. we are proud of the results and will surely Heighten any music production.

  • 16 Quality Amps to mix & match
  • All recorded with top end recording equipment and technique
  • Many tonal options per each amp + some ambience
  • 33 Profiles total, ready to go
  • From Low to High gain amps included
  • MultiGenre, just pick and play

What we recommend…

  • Strat/Tele for the low gain amps
  • Lespaul or Humbucker for the higher gain
  • Try Increasing the “Definition” for a brighter/tighter tone
  • Try decreasing the “Definition” for a darker/vintage/looser tone
  • These were created using reference monitors, so use EQ to taste to adjust to your needs
  • We literally recreated what we heard. so we needed to adjust the powersagging, you can disable this if needed.