Bundle 8 – “Beautiful Boutique”

Gain Range:


Stunning array of Boutique flavored amps, directly to you, and FOR you!. – please enjoy this release.

What you get…

Some rare, but yet classic amps in boutique flavor.. not your every day “off the shelf” amps. they come in all sizes big and small.. nothing here for hard hitters, this pack is more dedicated towards the lighter players that prefer dynamics and superior breakup.

  • 13 Great amps at your fingertips – 135 profiles
  • All captured from clean to cranked and everything in-between
  • Various mics used, 57, R121, U87, DPA4011 into a Neve 1073/API & GreatRiver mic pre’s
  • No fancy recording chains as close the the real thing as possible.
  • Just dial up and play
  • 135 Profiles for Rock/Blues/Country ready tones!
  • Comes with a smile

What we recommend…

  • Strat/Tele for the low gain amps
  • Lespaul or Humbucker for the higher gain
  • Try Increasing the “Definition” for a brighter/tighter tone
  • Try decreasing the “Definition” for a darker/vintage/looser tone
  • These were created using reference monitors, so use EQ to taste to adjust to your needs