ULTIMATE BigBOX IR collection (HD-Wav & AxeFx ready)

Gain Range:

Here is the biggest collection of HD ready IRs out there. – with over 40 Drivers, ran through a variety of well known branded cabs, all meticulously captured in glorious HD Detail. – it was our biggest workload to deal with, that spanned across 4 months of hard & long days to create the depth and detail as you see in this pack. – we left no stone unturned!.

The saying goes the “Devil is in the detail”, we added extra length nodes to the detail of each IR to give a better dimensional sound to its design. – a lot of IRs are great, but very flat!, ours we boast that are a lot more lifelike and presentable/defined & a LOT more detailed.

  • 40+ Cabs in all formats (1×12, 2×12 and 4×12)
  • Direct Mics, Rear Mics & Room mics included + others
  • Tracked with Neve/GreatRiver & API mic pre’s and Massive Passive EQ
  • Perfect for every style, even the ones you might not expect!!
  • Great for Studio/Live play & recording
  • 14 Mics to choose from in 8 different positions.
  • AxeFX freindly too in ULTRARES HD files. ready to load and go (Including Spreadsheets/presets)

Cabs included, *seeking to -re-create the sound of..

Too many to list here, – but lets make it easier and say it would be a shorter list to include the ones we didn’t do! 🙂

If you really need to know first hand, then contact us for a full list.