The Official Victory Bundle

Gain Range:


British made Amplifiers in all genres that are simply fantastic! – very well rounded collection, each unique in its own way!.

What you get

Welcome to the Victory Family of Amps. – to quote from a famous film.. these are among “The Best of the Best”..And also covers all GENRES

  • 6 Amps to choose from within this great brand
  • Roughly 250+ Profiles to adventure with.
  • True accuracy, from clean to scream and everything in-between
  • LesPaul, Strat & Tele sets available to choose your tone palette
  • Metal Profiles also captured and set.
  • Using the best Mics/Pres’ to find the perfect combination
  • Profiled with Ver3.0 but studio profiles only (direct/merged will come soon)
  • RAW Profiles but filtered the mic rumble/sizzle only
  • Approved and agreed as official release.

Please, enjoy and begin this adventure through the range that is… Victory