Q, How do I load these onto the Kemper?
A. Easy, just browse to the downloaded folder, and copy the contents to the “shared”
folder on the flash drive.

Q. Yeah but there are 3 folders, Strat, Lespaul and Tele.
A. These are the basic platforms to make it so people can plug and play more quickly.

Q. But I don’t use any of those guitars I have a Ibanez?
A. If your guitar has High output pickups then use the LesPaul folder to start with, If
your guitar has low or vintage style, then use strat, – open body guitars and tele clones
use the Tele folder.

Q. Its too distorted even on a clean tone?
A. Simple fix, means your pickups are high output, Adjust the CleanSensi/Distortion
Sensi under “Input” on your Kemper.

Q. The Master LED is flashing Red/and/or I’m getting Clipping.
A. You can either lower the volume of the EQ Effect on “X” or lower the Input
volume, this may need to be tweaked higher or lower depending on guitar.

Q. Every sound is too bright.
A. Feel free to tweak the basic EQ on the front panel to your liking, I added a Studio
EQ for every sound so you can tweak to your desired sound and reference monitors.

Q. When I Strum a distorted sound it sounds “weird”
A. Lower the Definition setting, as every guitar is different.

Q. I own one of these amps and it doesn’t sound exactly the same?
A. Well a real amp transmits real air to the room, as these are all profiled with studio
microphones, so you get the recorded tone, and not the AMP in the ROOM tone,
although you can get a lot of this back if you use good monitoring.

Q. What can I do with these, can I tweek them, is that allowed?
A. Absolutely, in fact I encourage you, I have no way of knowing what you want, the
sounds are tweakable in lots of ways, its up to you to get the best out of them

Q. I have a Friend who has the Kemper can I share these?
A. No, you are buying the copyright to use the sounds not the profiles.

Q. Can I tweak these and upload to share to the Rig exchange.
A. No you cannot, as they are for your own use and are forbidden to share.

Q. I love your sounds, Can I help?
A. Yes, send me a email, and im sure we can think of something if there is an
opportunity. andy@theampfactory.com